Frequently Asked Questions

Words.Tel Phrases

What is a Words.Tel phrase?

A phrase in Words.Tel is a memorable combination of words that businesses can reserve on Words.Tel to represent their brand, products, or services. It can be a catchy tagline, a slogan, a product name, or any other combination of words that businesses want to associate with their brand.

Once a business reserves a phrase on Words.Tel, they own that phrase and can use it as their unique identifier instead of hard-to-remember contact details like phone numbers, addresses, or website URLs. This means they can use it as a primary marketing tool to easily connect with their customers.

How is a phrase used?

Customers can easily find a business by searching for their phrase on the Words.Tel website or app, or asking any Alexa smart speaker.

And businesses can customise their result page with information, news, contacts, links, and more.

When a business reserves a phrase, they also get a dedicated page on Words.Tel with the phrase as part of the URL. This page is SEO-optimised and can be used as the business's website, central point of contact, or link collector.

With Words.Tel, a phrase becomes the only thing that businesses need to advertise, and customers need to remember to find them.

Registering Phrases

How can I register a phrase?

If you already have a phrase in mind, you can search for it, and if it’s available, then follow the link to register it. Otherwise, you can use our Phrase Factory AI Engine to get suggestions for phrases to register.

We use a passwordless system sending you a unique login link you can click to access your account.

Every account on our £5 and £10 plans gets a 3 months free trial, no credit card required. You can use your credit card to register for a paid plan and keep your phrase(s) before the free trial ends.

Are there words I am not allowed to use?

Yes. We use AI to check for words and phrases that might be considered offensive or otherwise inappropriate. No automated system is going to be perfect, so if you believe your phrase was incorrectly flagged as inappropriate, contact us and we’ll quickly look into it!

Is my phrase regional only?

Yes and no! Each phrase belongs only to the country it's registered for. For example, if you register "FIX MY TOILET" in the United Kingdom, that is still available to register in other countries when we launch in those countries. As we our launch in more countries, existing phrase owners will be informed first, so that you can decide if you want to register your phrase in addtional countries.

We will also be launching worldwide phrases in the future. Worldwide phrases are not regional: they work in all countries. We'll let you know when they're going to launch.

Can I use any language?

Yes. Your phrase can be in any language you want! We support UTF-8 everywhere.

What characters are allowed in my phrase?

You can use letters, numbers and the hyphen symbol '-'.

What is the minimum and maximum length of my phrase?

Your phrase must be a minimum of two words.

There's a practical limit of 1,900 characters. It's due to the way that browsers support web addresses.

What if my phrase is already taken?

If your phrase is already taken you cannot register it: our system is based on a no competitors/ads/promoted content, so one phrase can belong only to one business.

We suggest trying to come up with something different: what sometimes seems like the best phrase is often not that unique, and unique phrases are more likely to be remembered and found.

Can I register a trademark?

We use AI to check for well known trademarks, names etc.

If you believe our AI incorrectly marked your phrase a registered trademark, or you maybe own that trademark, contact us and we’ll quickly look into it!

What if someone registered my own trademark/name/tagline?

Phrases, like domain names, are freely available for everyone to register if not taken already. If someone has registered your trademark, please contact us and we’ll sort it out for you. We'll ask you for proof that your trademark is registered in the same country where the phrase was registered.

If you register a phrase that is someone else's registered trademark, your phrase will be deleted from your account.

Pricing And Plans

How much does it cost?

We have three basic plans:

  • free for one single phrase,
  • £5 for three different phrases (useful for variations of your main phrase),
  • £10 for seven different phrases.

If you want to register more phrases, we will be launching tiered pricing shortly.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we do. Every new account on the £5 and £10 plans gets a free 3 months trial, no credit card required.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes you can.

What happens if I downgrade my plan?

If you go from a higher plan (more phrases) to a lower plan (less phrases), you’ll need to decide which phrases you want to delete. These phrase will then be available for anyone else to register.

What happens to my phrase once I unsubscribe or my subscription expires?

Once you unsubscribe, or when your subscription expires, you’ll be offered a grace period during which your phrases will be still yours. After that, your phrases will be available for anyone else to register. Don’t worry: we’ll email you about all of this so you have plenty of time to decide and take action!

Can I expand my package and buy more phrases?

Yes you can. Once you upgrade to a plan with more phrases, you can immediately start registering your new phrases.

Managing Phrases

What do I need to include in my online profile on WDT?

You can include anything you want. The very minimum is a name and a short description. After that it’s up to you. You can add as many records as you want, including text, links, socials, phone numbers, addresses etc.

How can I delete my phrase?

You can manage all your phrases from your Dashboard once you have an active subscription.

Promoting Your Phrase

How can I advertise my phrase?

You can advertise your phrase in several ways. First of all, once you have a phrase you also get a URL for it, and we suggest using it on your social profiles as unique point of contact and collection of all your links. The second way is using the nature of short memorable phrases, or taglines: they’re easy to remember! So they’re good to be used for example in online advertising like a banner, video ads etc., those places where people need to remember about how to contact you without clicking.

For the same reason, physical advertising like flyers, magazine ads, or a sticker on your van, car or shop front door are also prime places to advertise your business using your tag line.

If you are for example a plumber, telling someone “Find me as FIX MY TOILET on” is much more effective and easy to remember than listing a phone number, or email address etc.

The Phrase Factory

How does our AI work?

Our AI uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate memorable phrases for businesses. It asks information like business name, industry, tone, allowing generation of custom and fitting phrases.


How do I find something on WDT?

We have a website, an app for iOS and Android, and we’re also on Alexa (coming soon!). To find a phrase simply find it on our website or using our app (where you can also save your favourites and access them offline). Or if you have Alexa, try “Alexa ask 'the find engine’ about ‘fix my toilet’!

Our Mobile App

How does the favourites list work?

Once you download our app, you can save in a local list of favourites all your favourite phrases. The phrases in your list will also be accessible for you when you have no internet. Because we don’t need or want you to create an account or track your data, your favourites is saved safely on your device only!

Words.Tel on Alexa

How does Words.Tel work on Alexa?

You can enable the Words.Tel skill directly by saying "Alexa, enable Words Dot Tel skill" to your Alexa smart speaker or device. Or you can do it via the Alexa app on your phone, by opening it, searching for "Words.Tel" in the "Skills & Games" sections and click on "Enable.". Alternatively you can visit Alexa website, login with your Amazon account, click on top left corner, select "Skills & Games", search for "Words.Tel" and click "Enable".

How do I find a phrase on Alexa?

Once the Words.Tel skill is enabled in one of these three ways described above, you can start using it by saying "Ask the Find Engine..." followed by your desired action and phrase. For example, "Ask the Find Engine about Fix My Toilet" or "Ask the Find Engine the email of fix My Toilet".


Do you track my data?

We are a privacy-first company, so we don’t mine any data, we don’t track you, and we don’t use any tracking cookies. And there are no accounts or tracking for users finding phrases!